Working Around You Works For Us

Flexibility grants employees a greater choice and control over how, when and where they work. It embraces the needs of multiple generations by providing the opportunity to customise a career path and explore a variety of employment relationships.

The interest of the company and individual are inseparable, this is the reason why P&Gers can choose from several alternatives to meet business targets while taking into account the personal needs and desires. Our unique flexible working plans mean that your career can develop around any commitments you may have - being a new parent, for example. By offering everything from location free roles that give you international responsibilities without relocating to taking a 3-month sabbatical break later in your career, we can retain talented people and allow them to grow our business in their own way. Amongst the options for this program, we have notably developed:

Working From Home

The flexibility to work during some or all of your working time from home. An increasing number of employees are enjoying the benefit of working from home a day or so every week, further balancing their professional and personal life.

Location Free Roles

Assignments made available to best fit role & individual needs and that can be carried out in any of our Western European locations. That goes beyond business travel, to include roles such as those of a Project Manager or a Regional Initiative Owner that can be found in a number of our functions. 

Reduced Work Schedule / Part Time

You can work less than a full-time schedule, e.g. fewer days per week or fewer hours per day.

Personal Leave of Absence (Sabbatical)

You can take up to 3 months off after your first assignment and every 7 years without pay, but with continued benefits, to pursue individual interests.