Life Long Learning

At P&G, we are proud that we develop talents almost exclusively from within as part of our "build from within" strategy. This means we are not just offering you your first job out of university, we are hiring you with the expectation you will grow into one of our future leaders.

You will start in the entry level position of the function you have applied for and face new and diverse challenges every day. From day one you will be given real responsibility that will increase over time into independent leadership of your area of activities; but along this path you will receive the support and guidance you need to succeed.

P&G takes seriously the responsibility to onboard you thoroughly and provide you with first class learning programs tailored to your individual needs or the function you will join. Over time, after you have built distinctive competency in several areas, together we will match your aspirations and talents with our business opportunities to find your perfect next assignment. Our flexible approach and people-first culture ensures that we can develop your strengths and maybe discover some hidden talents along the way! Your contribution, skill development, and passion will determine where you go and what you do.

Learning Opportunities

As people are our number one priority we do everything we possibly can to ensure that you contribute your maximum potential. We design our learning interventions for you, in the form of classroom trainings, internet-based courses or whatever suits you best as a learner, to help develop your technical, managerial and interpersonal skills and to gain the multi-cultural understanding to manage international relationships.

Our internal porfolio is developed in partnership with best in class Global organizations and offers a great variety of learning assets through out all the careers of our people. It's life long learning.

International Business

And you will learn more than managerial and technical skills: the global nature of our business means that you'll find yourself working across many different functions or business units where you will interact with the over 100 nationalities P&G employs in Europe. Your projects will often have an international nature and span well beyond your national boundaries: you will experience the global temperament of our brands and the constantly changing work environment that only a multinational company can offer. So if you're keen to explore the world of international business, P&G is the right place for you!