HR Associate Manager, Employee and Labor Relations Germany

My journey at P&G started in May 2012 in the German Headquarter (Schwalbach) with a 5-month internship in the Human Resources Department. At that time I received internship offers of 2 different consumer goods industries. I was so enthusiastic about the people I met during my interviews and with whom I would work at P&G that I didn’t hesitate a second when it came to choose between both companies. And today I can still confirm that it was the right decision for me and my career.

After an enthralling internship where I was given the responsibility for two challenging projects und I had the chance to work with two experienced associate directors, I was offered the opportunity to start at P&G as Associate HR Manager in Schwalbach as of February 2013. As French I was a bit apprehensive of starting within a German team with the language and culture barriers. Quite the opposite I was so warmly welcomed and supported by all team members and greatly coached by my direct and 1-level-up managers that I quickly felt fully integrated as valued entire part of the team. After a first assignment as HR Business Account Manager for the Field Sales employees I started 3 months ago a new position within the Employee and Labor Relations Team in which I can tackle new great challenges and take advantage of various learning opportunities.           

If I am now looking back on my 3-year career as young professional at P&G I can recognize that I extremely developed myself both professionally and personally thanks to trustworthy, respectful and rewarding work relationships and also to self-owned meaningful and impactful tasks and projects. Every day I am feeling happy to go to the office and I am really looking forward to the next times of my worthwhile and fulfilling experience at P&G.

The future is ours to create. So why not with P&G?    

Angélique (28)