Ana Paola

I had a six-month internship in P&G and I have one word to describe it: amazing. I joined P&G as an intern in the Information Technology Solutions organization, which included in the Global Business Services. As a multinational company, P&G clearly understands the importance of multicultural environments: I mean, I was based in Germany and I am Mexican, and not only that, but also, the whole office was multinational: I had colleagues from Germany, Italy, India, Brazil, and some other countries. Moreover, my team was also multinational, some of them were based on Philippines and some others in Costa Rica, so imagine how many different points of view and cultural backgrounds have to come together to succeed in one global project!


Also, one thing I value the most about P&G is the growth from within. They invest a lot of resources in each and every of the P&Gers, so they can grow and succeed on their roles, because P&G fully understands that when a P&Ger wins, the company wins.


So, all this, and much more, makes P&G the place to be, the place to start and have a career.