My name is Tim and I started my P&G internship after finishing my studies at the University of Erlangen, Germany (M.Sc. Material Science). I have chosen an internship at P&G to get insights into daily R&D work of a branch leader and to learn& grow in a diverse work environment. I am curious to connect “university knowledge” with real consumer products.

My project in material research & development on parts of the diaper system is connected perfectly with my background from university. The perspective that MY technical ideas and recommendations will be used in future kept the motivation and concentration on a high level during the whole internship duration.

P&G’s company culture has been a very good driver through the internship. The agile work environment helped me to get on board quickly and I collaborated with other employees on the project. Even beyond this it was fun to connect with many people covering other topics concerning daily work. Flexible work arrangements have also been unique compared to my former internship experiences to arrange personal interests with work and prioritize work / presence times to business & project needs. This atmosphere encouraged me to take responsibilities on the project to reach a meaningful improvement to a product which is million-times used worldwide in daily life of the consumers.