Hello, my name is Shreyas. I pursue my Master degree in Management and Engineering at the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht School of Management. I started working as an Intern at P&G in August 2015. My experience so far has been extremely rewarding. In P&G, Interns get to work on actual projects which have high relevance and strategic importance to the company. According to me, for anyone who wants to setup a career in the FMCG sector, P&G is probably the best company in the world. The Internship training plans allow the students to obtain valuable insights and learning opportunities; simultaneously the project work one undertakes has a direct impact on the P&G business. Interns are well supported by their managers by providing discerning inputs to the project and at the same time provide ample opportunity and free-hand to the interns to be innovative and free thinking. Thanks to this opportunity, I have understood the underlying importance of true leadership and supervision from my manager.

During my Internship, I worked in the Market Planning department that integrates the Supply chain functions with the Commercial functions in P&G. My assignments were challenging and involved topics on Customization, Initiative Management and Influence of Weather on Demand Forecasting. The projects were challenging and gave me resourceful overview of Supply chain operations at P&G. Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm placed P&G at #1 as part of its 2015 Supply Chain Top 25 list and named it as “Supply Chain Master”. Personally, I feel very happy and proud to be interning with P&G.

As an icing on the cake, I was fortunate to receive the wonderful opportunity to write my Master thesis at P&G after completion of my Internship. The work culture and environment is vibrant, extremely mellow and accommodating. As a student one gets to network with Leaders responsible for Key business activities in P&G. Another important aspect is the camaraderie one gets to experience with other interns who have such diverse background and experiences. The journey so far has been the best truly enriching and molded me for a challenging professional career.

The Future is ours to Create!

I highly recommend P&G for an Internship!